January 24th, 2014

Conservative hypocrisy and flip flopping on hospital parking tax

Remember last year when the Conservatives introduced a budget that raised taxes on everything from iPods and coffee, to coffins and hospital parking?

When pushed on hospital parking in Question Period the Minister of State for Finance said:

“These are companies that are supplying parking to hospitals and they were getting a special tax reduction. We do not think that is necessary” - Ted Menzies Minister of State for Finance, House of Commons, March 27, 2013

Well, turns out a year later the Conservatives have realized that it is taxing sick Canadians which is unnecessary, and isn’t going to win them any votes.

That’s right; today Jim Flaherty announced that the Conservative government will be introducing an exemption for hospital parking for patients and visitors.

It took him less than a year to realize this policy was unfair.

Canadians are tired of the fly by the seat of their pants policy making Jim Flaherty and the Conservatives love so much.

Canadians deserve better.