November 29th, 2012

Conservative cuts hurting Canada’s aerospace industry

David Emerson’s aerospace review clearly shows that the Conservative government isn’t doing enough to support this key sector of our economy, said New Democrats.

“Under the Conservatives, Canada’s aerospace industry is losing ground. Other countries are doing more and better than Canada and that’s worrying,” said NDP Industry critic, Hélène LeBlanc.

Recently, the Conservatives cut 500 million dollars to support research and development. “It’s a sector where the competition is fierce internationally. Without research and development, the future of an entire sector of the Canadian economy is at risk. This will result in a loss of good jobs,” said LeBlanc.

“The Conservative government can and must do more,” said deputy critic, Dan Harris. “Cutting 10% of the Canadian Space Agency’s budget is counter-productive and the report recommends providing them with stable funding.”

The NDP will call on the House of Commons Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology to thoroughly analyze this report and the impacts of Conservative inaction on the aerospace sector.