March 5th, 2013

The complex question of Dennis Patterson’s residency

Senator Dennis Patterson has been having a hard time lately figuring out where he lives.

According to Patterson

“The question of residence is a complex matter with many facets.” -Dennis Patterson – CTV Feb 14, 2013

But according to the detailed rules for Senators

"'Primary residence' means the residence identified by the senator as his/her main residence and is situated in the province or territory represented by the senator."

Seems pretty straight forward to us.

If we look at the records, Patterson seems to live in Vancouver. He owns land there, he has applied for and received a homeowner grant there; he’s even registered to vote there.

He might claim this is a secondary property – but in January Patterson actually wrote a letter to the editor of small Vancouver paper ( It would be a pretty big dedication to a city he doesn’t live in to follow a Vancouver free weekly paper all the way from his supposed home in Nunavut.

Canadian’s have spent more than $227,000 supporting Patterson’s housing and travel claims – and he doesn’t even need to prove or document his claims because of the Senate’s honour system for expenses.

It’s time to put an end to Senator’s free ride, put an end to the unaccountable expenses and put an end to this archaic institution.

While Conservatives continue to defend Senate entitlements, New Democrats will defend taxpayers.