September 26th, 2017

Chair of women's committee must respect reproductive rights

Sheila Malcolmson, NDP Critic for the Status of Women, made the following statement:

I am glad that the Liberals joined me today in opposing the selection of Conservative MP Rachael Harder as the Chair of the Status of Women Committee. It was a welcomed surprise, as they had previously indicated there was nothing they could do to stop Ms. Harder’s election.

Ms. Harder’s position and commitment to advance legislation restricting a woman’s right to choose makes her an inappropriate choice to head the House of Commons committee charged with defending women’s rights in Canada.

Before the Liberal MPs walked out of the committee, I had intended to call for a vote and formally reject Ms. Harder’s nomination. I will continue to oppose Ms. Harder’s nomination as Chair of the Status of Women Committee and I call on the Conservatives to nominate another MP with less radical views.

Reproductive justice is foundational to women’s rights and there can be no question that we will defend all women’s rights as we pursue the advancement of the status of women in Canada.