December 14th, 2016

Cash for access caps Liberal year of disappointments

OTTAWA – After breaking their word on several important files including electoral reform, environmental protection and commitments to Indigenous Peoples, the Liberals have topped-off the year by unabashedly selling access to the Prime Minister in exchange for Liberal Party donations.

“The Liberal government's cash for access scheme has left Canadians with fundamental concerns about the ethical lines this government is willing to cross,” said New Democrat Leader Tom Mulcair. “With the flood of broken campaign promises, it’s no wonder that people are disappointed.”

Since winning a majority government with only 39.5% of the vote, the Liberals have broken promises to move forward on democratic reform, to bring in a new environmental review process, to roll back Bill C-51, to end the criminalization of marijuana and to ban unethical cash for access events.

“From approving the Kinder Morgan pipeline under Harper’s broken environmental review process, to fighting Indigenous families in court – it seems there is no promise they aren’t prepared to break,” said Mulcair. “The Liberals are unintentionally making the case for a proportional voting system by betraying their own commitments to Canadians who expected to see the real change they promised.”