2013 12 03
Caron disappointed with Commissioner’s report on Christian Paradis

NDP MP Guy Caron
(Rimouski-Neigette—Témiscouata—Les Basques) expressed disappointment with the conclusions of the Conflict of Interest Commissioner’s report on Christian
Paradis and the closure of the Rimouski Service Canada Centre.

“Christian Paradis' actions here have been very
disappointing. The Commissioner found that Minister Paradis had potentially
shown favour to a personal friend when it came to moving the Service Canada
Centre,” said Caron. “It seems Minister Paradis might have broken the rules
without breaking the law.”

The Ethics Commissioner conducted the inquiry following a complaint filed by
Guy Caron, concerning Minister Paradis’ intervention in the decision around the
possible closure of the Rimouski Service Canada Centre. The expanded centre
planned for Thetford is located in a building that belongs to a friend of
Minister Paradis.

“Minister Paradis had information that was not publicly available, nor
available to other MPs, about these potential closures,” said Caron. “Even the
Rimouski centre’s employees were told it would stay open. It seems wrong for
Minister Paradis to be intervening, when the public and local MPs aren't even
told that the centre in Rimouski was threatened."

"We will be writing the Commissioner asking for clarification."

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