August 30th, 2015

Canadians want change, Conservatives and Liberals desperately want to change the channel

NDP candidate and former provincial finance minister Andrew Thomson (Eglinton-Lawrence) says coordinated attacks from Conservatives and Liberals today show that Tom Mulcair’s message is getting through to Canadians who want change in Ottawa.

“This morning, more than 1,000 people showed up to hear Tom’s message at a rally in Halifax – because they are tired of swapping Liberal corruption for Conservative corruption, and Liberal cuts for Conservative cuts,” said Thomson. “Meanwhile both the Tories and the Liberals are showing their desperation, launching half-baked attacks and throwing darts at the fiscal dartboard.”

The former provincial finance minister said the Conservative numbers are wrong and deliberately misleading. For example, the NDP’s housing plan committed to immediate funding of $940 million – a number the Conservatives inflated to $5.5 billion.

“Conservatives are launching desperate attacks on the NDP to distract from their failed plan,” said Thomson. “There are 200,000 fewer people working than before the first Conservative recession and middle class families just can’t get ahead.”

“The Liberals have had a different position on balancing the budget virtually every day of this week,” said Thomson. “If you want Canadians to take you seriously, you have to present a serious plan. Justin Trudeau shows time and again he doesn’t have the ability to do that.”