May 2nd, 2017

Canadians demand to Trudeau: ‘Keep Your Promise’

OTTAWA — NDP MP Nathan Cullen continued the #KeepYourPromise tour following the Liberals’ abandonment of their commitment to modernize Canada’s voting system. The second leg of the tour took him to Kingston, Peterborough, Hamilton, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Nanaimo and Vancouver. Despite clear feelings of betrayal, attendees focused on how to put electoral reform back on track.

“What I learned from town after town of engaged citizens is that this fight is far from over. It’s a basic tenet of democracy that a political party should keep its promises, especially one that succeeds in forming government,” said Cullen. “Mr. Trudeau made the clear commitment that the 2015 federal election would be the last under Canada’s outdated and unfair electoral system. The people I met want him to be held accountable.”

Cullen invited local government MPs to attend these town hall events so that they could defend their broken promise. Unfortunately, not one of them attended.

“Each Liberal MP made the same commitment to the voters who elected them, and it is incredibly disappointing that not one Liberal MP found the time or energy to show up and meet with their own constituents” said Cullen. “But in truth, this is not about Liberal or Conservative or NDP, this is about integrity in politics. It is always important to remember who we, as elected officials, work for. We don’t work for the Prime Minister, or his office – we work for Canadians.”