July 23rd, 2015

Canada has faltered under Stephen Harper’s Conservatives: UN report

NDP Human Rights critic Wayne Marston (Hamilton East — Stoney Creek) made the following statement after the United Nations Human Rights Committee released a dismal assessment of how Canada respects and implements the International Covenant on Civil and Political rights:

“Today’s grim report by the United Nations made it clear that under Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, from bill C-51 to attacks on charities, Canada has gone in the wrong direction.

Canada used to be admired around the world – a country that was held up as an example of democracy and human rights. Today’s report shows that we’re not the country we used to be.

But the truth is, we can’t lay all the blame at Harper’s feet. Persistent gender inequality and the situation of Indigenous People is a result of decades of successive Liberal and Conservative policies.

Like so many experts in Canada, the UN committee voiced serious concerns about Bill C-51 and its infringement of Canadian rights and freedoms. Canadians understand that only the NDP can be relied upon to repeal this bad piece of legislation.

If we’re going to make progress on these challenges, we need a new approach. Tom Mulcair is a principled leader with the experience to create real change in Ottawa.

Canadians can trust Tom Mulcair’s NDP to fix the damage done by Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.”