October 17th, 2015

Boulerice: break the habit of Liberal and Conservative corruption

Today, NDP deputy Ethics critic, Alexandre Boulerice noted that with 48 hours until election day, the latest Liberal scandal raises more questions than there are answers.

“The Liberals have worked hard to create a new image for themselves, but they haven’t changed one bit. In fact, their handling of the Gagnier affair is reminiscent of Mr. Harper’s handling of the Wright-Duffy affair,” said Boulerice.

“With 48 hours left in this election, question still remain for Mr. Trudeau; Does this latest scandal mean that Energy East is a done deal if Mr. Trudeau wins? Why did Mr. Trudeau think it was OK to have Mr. Gagnier advising TransCanada at the same time that he was preparing Mr. Trudeau for debates where Energy East came up as a topic? How can he say he’s offering ‘Real Change’ when we’ve seen nothing but more of the same old Liberal scandals.”

Boulerice notes that Mr. Trudeau was aware of Mr. Gagnier’s lobbying activities all along, and only chose to remove him as an advisor after media reports pointed out Mr. Gagnier’s questionable activity.

“A senior Liberal campaign official was caught red-handed, taking money from TransCanada, and helping them to fast-track Energy East through a potential Liberal government. What kind of ethical standards allow a high-level lobbyist to make backroom dealings less than a week from the election?”

A vote for the NDP can break this cycle of Liberal corruption, replacing Conservative corruption, only to be replaced by more Liberal corruption.

The party only need 35 more seats to beat Stephen Harper and stop the Liberal scandals.