March 11th, 2014

Bizarre Quotes

Early this morning, a federal department issued a press release that said:

"The ... Election Commission has done an exceptional job under especially difficult circumstances in ensuring transparent, inclusive and credible electoral processes"

"An independent and effective election commission is an essential element in any genuine democracy"

Was this a quote from the joint letter signed by more than 100 professors condemning the Conservatives' Unfair Elections Act? ( Was it a quote from the Official Opposition? Has Pierre Poilievre come to his senses?

No need to worry about that happening today. The above release was from the Department of Foreign Affairs and the "..." represents "Maldives".

So while someone in the Department of Foreign Affairs considers it a problem that the Maldives is undermining its electoral commission, the PMO is determined to undermine Elections Canada.

The Unfair Elections Act still limits the ability of the Chief Electoral Officer to talk to the public, provide education and flag alerts to voter supression. It moves the enforcement activities of Elections Canada to a department that reports to the Conservative government. And it will block thousands of Canadians from voting.

Canadians deserve better.