November 16th, 2012

Beyond the make believe – Stephen Harper’s real tax agenda

Today the Prime Minister claimed his government would never raise taxes on Canadians. But what does his record reveal?

Since the Conservatives came to power they have collected $47 billion in fees from Canadians. Last year alone they collected $8.3 billion in fees, a $2 billion hike in fees from when he took office.

It gets worse. Conservatives collect less in corporate taxes than the year they came to power, a total of $5.4 billion less. And the government now collects far more in personal income taxes than when they came to power – $38 billion more.

As a result, Canadians now shoulder more of the burden – with individuals paying 3.8 times more in taxes than corporations do.

Making Canadians pay more while profitable companies pay less than ever. That’s Stephen Harper’s record.