May 6th, 2014

Auditor General warns of more Conservative mismanagement

Watchdog reveals lack of planning and accountability on pensions, prisons, First Nations Policing, Census data, Canada Revenue Agency and more

The Auditor General of Canada’s latest report paints a damning picture of Conservative mismanagement of programs and services affecting regular Canadians.

“Because of mismanagement and a lack of planning, Conservatives are wasting money and failing to deliver services people count on,” said Treasury Board critic, Mathieu Ravignat (Pontiac). “We don’t need more Conservative style denial, like we saw with the F-35 scandal. What Canadians deserve is real accountability–something the government is failing to deliver.”

The AG outlined a dangerous lack of accountability for public service pensions; grave mishandling of the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency from the start; faulty census data – affecting things like the temporary foreign worker program – because of the shortsighted elimination of the long-form census; and a failure to deliver on commitments to First Nations Policing.

“As the Auditor General made crystal clear, Conservative government mismanagement is plaguing almost every area he studied,” concluded Ravignat. “Time and again they only react to problems after they hit the front page–more evidence of how the Conservatives are a tired and out of gas government.”