February 10th, 2014

Are people just too dumb to understand the greatness of the Senate? Senator Noel Kinsella thinks so

In a brief moment of introspection, Senate Speaker Noel Kinsella revealed why he thinks millions of Canadians want to see the Senate closed.

Is it because of the countless frauds? The waste of money? The undemocratic and unaccountable nature of the institution? Or perhaps it’s the fact most Senators can’t even be bothered to show up for work most days, while they continue to collect their lucrative salary and generous expenses?

No. According to Conservative Senator Kinsella, Canadians don’t trust the Senate because they’re ignorant. Yes, according to this senior Conservative Senator, Canadians are just too ignorant to understand how great the Senate really is.

“But does he understand current public opinion about the Senate – the disdain, the mistrust? ‘Yeah. I think it’s based on ignorance,’ [Kinsella] says.” – Global News, February 10th, 2014

You’d think after all the scandals and controversies, Senator Kinsella and the Conservatives would try and show a little more contrition.

But no, he prefers to believe Canadians are only mad because they don’t know enough yet – like learning more about Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin, Colin Kenny all the dubious characters in the halls of the Senate will make Canadians love this undemocratic institution. How’s that for sober second thought?

Canadians deserve better.