August 20th, 2014

Another tour, another year of inaction

Northerners look for answers as Harper returns for annual photo-op

It’s time again for Stephen Harper’s annual trip to Canada’s North, but after 8 years of Conservative government, Northerners still haven’t seen action on their priorities.

“Stephen Harper comes rolling through town once a year, and the rest of the year, Northerners are left out of the conversation,” said NDP MP Dennis Bevington (Western Arctic).

Affordability and access to housing remain on top of the list of concerns for many people, and the skyrocketing cost of food and fuel has left many families struggling to make ends meet.

Conservatives have also refused to address the impact that climate change has on Canada’s North. This past summer’s drought resulted in one of the worst forest fire seasons in memory, forcing people out of their homes and likely affecting the caribou migration.

“The Conservative northern strategy has not accomplished what it set out to do – it’s clear it was created with hollow promises as a way of attracting votes, mostly from the South,” said Bevington. “We deserve a partner who will listen and work with Northerners to come up with solutions.”