July 9th, 2014

Another day of Conservative corruption on trial: former top adviser to Stephen Harper on trial for influence-peddling while former ethics spokesperson faces election spending charges

Bruce Carson, a convicted fraudster hired by the Prime Minister as a Senior Advisor is back in an Ottawa court today facing charges of influence peddling. Meanwhile, in Peterborough, former Conservative MP and Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister Dean Del Mastro is charged with breaking election spending laws and failing to report $21,000 in expenses from the 2008 election.

Carson is accused of using his connections as a Conservative insider to help an Ottawa water filtration company secure contracts with impoverished First Nations communities. The allegations include the charge that a former escort who Carson was dating would have received a 20% commission on every contract.

Carson and Del Mastro are just the latest proof of Stephen Harper’s poor judgment when it comes to appointing his most senior advisors. Consider:

  • Nigel Wright, who the PM fired as his chief of staff for his involvement in trying to cover up the Senate expense scandal.
  • Dimitri Soudas, the PM’s former Communications Director who was recently fired as National Director of the Conservative Party for interfering in a nomination battle.
  • Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin, Irving Gerstein, Patrick Brazeau, Carolyn Stewart-Olsen, Donald Plett – all Conservative bagmen and insiders appointed by the Prime Minister to plum Senate patronage posts.
  • Minsters like Bev Oda, Peter Penashue or John Duncan – all members of the Harper cabinet who had to resign in disgrace.

Canadians deserve better than a prime minister with such poor judgment.