May 16th, 2013

Angus asks Senate ethics commissioner to investigate Duffy payout allegations

Mike Duffy and Stephen Harper’s Chief of Staff Nigel Wright must come clean on contradictions

TIMMINS – NDP Ethics critic Charlie Angus (Timmins--James Bay) has written to the Senate Ethics Officer Lyse Ricard asking for an investigation into accusations of a ‘cash-for-repayment’ scheme involving Mike Duffy and the Prime Minister’s Office.

The PMO has admitted that Stephen Harper’s Chief of Staff Nigel Wright gave $90,000 to Senator Duffy as part of a deal around Mr. Duffy’s role in the Senate expense scandal, which involves a number of Conservative and Liberal Senators. According to news reports last night, Mr. Duffy has denied the payments.

“With so many conflicting stories and such serious allegations, I hope the Senate ethics officer acts quickly to launch an investigation into Mr. Duffy’s actions,” said Angus. “With the prime minister’s own chief of staff in the middle, I also urge Conservatives to agree to immediately put in place an independent advisor to investigate these serious allegations.”

Angus’ letter to the Senate ethics officer is attached.