2015 06 16
Tom Mulcair's speech at the Economic Club of Canada

It is good to be here with you at the Economic Club of Canada.

And it’s so great to be back in Toronto – Canada’s most important city.

An international city.  ...

2015 06 11
Tom's speech to the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal

Merci Céline,


Membres du Conseil d'administration de la chambre, distingués invités de la table d’honneur, chers amis…

J’ai fait ma vie à Montréal, Catherine et moi habitons toujours Montréal et j’aime evidemment y revenir le plus souvent possible.  ...

2015 06 06
Speech to FCM convention

Thank you very much.

It’s always a pleasure to be in Edmonton and to be back with the FCM.

I’d like to thank Mayor Don Iveson for hosting us.

His leadership in the Truth and Reconciliation file was truly inspiring.  ...

2015 05 12
Speech by Tom Mulcair at the Canadian Council for International Cooperation

Merci. Thank you.

It’s a real pleasure to stand here today with Canadians working to end global poverty and injustice and to make the world a better place.  ...

2015 05 06
Growing the economy by protecting our environment

Tom Mulcair's speech at iVote-jeVote

Merci beaucoup, M. le Doyen Mérette.

Merci à tout le monde d’être ici aujourd’hui à l’Université d’Ottawa.

J’étais ici même il y a à peine plus d’un an dans cette même salle, avec plus de 1000 étudiants pour parler de l’importance de la participation des jeunes dans le processus démocratique.  ...

2015 03 17
Speech by Tom Mulcair -- Building a better Toronto

Thank you Jennifer.

Hello Toronto!

Are you ready to bring change to Ottawa?

Are you ready to replace the politics of fear with the politics hope and optimism?  ...

2015 03 11
Speech by Tom Mulcair at ISNA Mosque in Mississauga, Ontario

As-Salaam Alaikum.

I’d like to thank Shaikh Abdullah for the gracious invitation to be here today.

And thank you to Feras Marish for that wonderful sermon.  ...

2015 01 27
Kickstarting manufacturing and small business job creation

Tom Mulcair’s speech to the Canadian Economic Club (Ottawa)

Thank you very much. Merci beaucoup.

I’m very happy to be back at the Economic Club today.

First, I would like to thank Natasha for her invitation and thank all of you for taking a few minutes out of your busy schedules today to engage with me in this important discussion.  ...

2015 01 15
Tom Mulcair's Speech -- 2015 Caucus Strategy Session

Thank you.

Welcome to 2015

Are you ready to bring change to Ottawa?

Are you ready to fight for middle class families?

Are you ready to replace Stephen Harper’s Conservatives with an NDP government and get Canada on track?  ...

2014 10 22
Speech by Thomas Mulcair on shooting at Parliament Hill and War Memorial

My fellow Canadians,

Today, the peace of our nation’s capital was shattered by an act of hatred and brutality. A cowardly act, designed to strike at the very heart of our democracy— at the heart of who we are.  ...

2014 10 03
Tom Mulcair responds to Prime Minister Harper on Iraq

Speech by NDP Leader Tom Mulcair in response to Prime Minister Harper’s Statement on Iraq.

Mr. Speaker, first, I would like to thank the Prime Minister for coming to the House of Commons today to make this important announcement. This should be a given in a democracy such as ours, because the Prime Minister has just decided the fate of many courageous young men and women who will risk their lives serving their country.  ...

2014 01 28
On your side: Standing up for Canadian families

Speech by Tom Mulcair to kick off the Winter session in Parliament (Ottawa)

Thank you very much. Merci beaucoup.

What energy. What a team.

NDP staffers here on the Hill and in riding offices right across the country.

A hundred NDP MPs coming back to the House today.  ...

2013 12 04
A new vision for a new century. Our plan for a prosperous and sustainable energy future.

Speech by Tom Mulcair to the Economic Club of Canada

Thank you very much for that kind introduction.

The first time I spoke at the Economic Club here in Ottawa was in April, 2012, just weeks after becoming Leader of the New Democratic Party and Leader of the Official Opposition.  ...

2013 09 11
A positive, optimistic vision for our country

Speech by Tom Mulcair at the NDP Caucus Strategy Session (Saskatoon)

Merci beaucoup. Thank you very much.

Quelle foule,

Quelle énergie

Et quelle équipe!

Vous savez, lorsque je regarde notre équipe extraordinaire de députés, je me rends compte que le NPD est le seul partiqui peut vraiment se vanter de représenter l’ensemble des Canadiens.  ...

2013 06 01
It's time: An urban agenda for our cities and communities

Speech by Tom Mulcair to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities AGM (Vancouver)

It’s great to be back in front of the FCM. You’ve had quite a busy year.

Under Karen’s impressive leadership, the FCM has managed to put infrastructure front and centre on the national political map.  ...

2013 04 13
This is our moment: building the Canada of our dreams

Speech by Tom Mulcair to the NDP National Policy Convention (Montreal QC)

Look at this crowd: Thousands of New Democrats from coast-to-coast-to-coast ... from the Northwest Territories to Southern Ontario ... from Victoria to the coast of Labrador ... from the centre of Manitoba to all across Quebec ...  ...

2013 03 13
Building a stable & sustainable economy in North America and around the world

Speech by Tom Mulcair at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (Washington DC)

It’s an honour to be here with you today to discuss how our two countries can work together to build a balanced, sustainable North American economy in the 21st century.  ...

2013 02 19
Redefining foreign direct investment for the 21st century

Speech by Tom Mulcair to the Calgary Chamber of Commerce

I think you’ll find over the next 20 minutes that the Calgary Chamber and the New Democratic Party actually hold quite a few similar views on the topic.  ...

2013 02 07
Rethinking Canada’s approach to international and trade relations

Speech by Tom Mulcair to Montreal Council on Foreign Relations

For nearly a hundred years, Canada's history has been shaped by relationships beyond our own borders. It is on the world stage that our most fundamental values intersect: Peace and security. Prosperity and social justice. Democracy and good governance.  ...

2013 01 18
Leadership on the side of Canadians

Speech by Tom Mulcair to the NDP Caucus Strategy Session

It’s great to be back in Ottawa with our team, the New Democratic team,  the best team in Canadian politics.

I can tell you we’ve had a busy and productive week.  ...

2012 09 28
Building a balanced 21st century economy

Speech by Tom Mulcair to the Canadian Club of Toronto

It is a pleasure for me to be here today to discuss how we can work together to build a strong, balanced, 21st century Canadian economy.

But first, I'd like to begin with an apology.  ...

2012 04 05
A fairer Canada and a better world

Speech by Tom Mulcair to the Economic Club of Canada

I’m pleased to be here today to discuss the 2012 federal budget with a group that understands economic policy as well as any.

Since last Thursday, we’ve all been analyzing how this latest budget will impact every aspect of our lives.  ...