October 23rd, 2012

AG report once again shows Conservative mismanagement

From beginning to end, the Auditor General’s report outlined examples of Conservative secrecy and mismanagement.

New Democrat Defence critic Jack Harris criticized the Conservatives for once again lagging behind when it comes to protecting Canadians from cyber attacks. Ten years after the government first commitment to take action on cyber security, the Auditor General made it clear that the Conservatives’ efforts are woefully inadequate.

“When we talk about cyber security, we’re talking about our national security. We’re also talking about economic security for online businesses and the personal security of Canadians,”” said Harris. “The report makes it clear that more money won’t help until the Conservatives accepts responsibility and starts managing this file. Many government departments didn’t even know the ‘Cyber Incident Response Centre’ even existed. Even if they did, it is only open limited hours. Hackers and those who seek to attack don’t take nights and weekends off.”

The Auditor General’s report also found that Conservatives are failing to assist veterans in their return to civilian life. Medically released soldiers have no contingency plan, receive little information, and face excessive paperwork.

”Canadian Forces members and veterans who served our country proudly return home and find a government who can’t managed DND and Veterans’ Affairs well enough to make sure they get the assistance they need,” said Harris.

The report also showed serious shortcomings when it comes to financial planning. “As well as leading a reckless fight against the parliamentary budget officer, the Conservatives still haven’t kept their 2007 promise to provide a long term analysis of public finances,” said NDP Seniors Critic Lysane Blanchette-Lamothe. “The Conservatives also blocked key details about the cost of the changes to Old Age Security at the time when MPs were voting on it. The Minister of Finance had this information and didn’t provide it when needed.. This is simply wrong .”