October 3rd, 2015

After decade of bungled trade deals, Trudeau Liberals still trust Harper to sign TPP

Liberals won't stand with Mulcair to fight for Canada

Liberal candidates gathered in downtown Ottawa today and refused to agree with Tom Mulcair’s principled stand and unequivocally endorsed Stephen Harper’s Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) approach.

When asked if the Liberal Party would stand with Tom Mulcair in not being bound by a deal Harper’s TPP deal, candidate Catherine McKenna said: “Absolutely not.”

Despite ten years of Stephen Harper’s economic mismanagement and bungled trade deals, the Trudeau Liberals declared today they trust Stephen Harper to sign a deal. Tom Mulcair does not.

New Democrats have been clear that we will not be bound by Stephen Harper’s TPP deal.

Tom Mulcair will put Canadians first – seniors who rely on affordable prescription drugs, mothers who want safe food for their children, families who want their communities to thrive.

Trade is important for Canada, but Stephen Harper has repeatedly shown he simply cannot be trusted to stand up for good, well-paid Canadian jobs. Too many jobs on the line and no guarantees about keeping Canadians families safe.

Only Tom Mulcair has been clear – the NDP will not accept a bad deal for Canada