2012 12 30
PM must show leadership, agree to meeting with First Nations leaders
NDP says swift action needed to avoid tragedy as hunger strike enters fourth week

As Attawapiskat First Nation Chief Theresa Spence's hunger strike enters its fourth week, New Democrats are calling on the Prime Minister to show leadership and avoid a tragedy.

2012 12 19
While Obama moves forward on gun safety, Harper takes a step back

While US President Barack Obama is taking steps toward more effective gun control in the US, Stephen Harper is ignoring police and moving in the opposite direction.

2012 12 16
NDP continues campaign to end pay-to-pay fee rip-off

TORONTO – Nearly ten thousand Canadians have already signed-on to the NDP campaign to eliminate charges for receiving monthly bills in the mail. The campaign is in response to a two dollar fee introduced by many telephone, TV, internet, and banking companies, for the bills Canadians receive in the mail if they haven't switched to online billing.

2012 12 11
Tom Mulcair officially welcomes Murray Rankin to his caucus
Murray Rankin was sworn in today. He will defend the interests of the people of Victoria.

New Democrat Leader Tom Mulcair officially welcomed the new MP for Victoria, Murray Rankin, to his caucus this morning. Rankin was sworn in today.

2012 12 10
Net benefit test needs immediate clarification

In the wake of the Conservatives’ approving a transaction of limited benefit to Canadians, New Democrats are calling on the House of Commons to direct the Conservatives to honour their two-year-old promise and update the Investment Canada Act.

2012 12 07
Harper government irresponsible in approving Nexen takeover

OTTAWA – New Democrats are profoundly disappointed that the Conservative government has decided to rubber stamp the Nexen takeover deal by CNOOC without consulting Canadians and without saying which criteria was used to make the decision. 

2012 12 03
Forgotten files in Buffalo another example of immigration mismanagement
Following major cuts, nearly 10,000 immigration files were forgotten by the department

 In their haste to reform Canada’s immigration system, the Conservatives actually forgot about the files of nearly 10,000 qualified worker applicants for permanent residence, said New Democrats.

2012 12 03
NDP moves new motion to protect lakes and rivers
New Democrats make final attempt to safeguard environmental protections before tomorrow’s vote on C-45

On the eve of the vote on the Conservatives’ budget bill, the NDP moved a new motion to protect our lakes and rivers.