2012 11 29
Conservative cuts hurting Canada’s aerospace industry

David Emerson’s aerospace review clearly shows that the Conservative government isn’t doing enough to support this key sector of our economy, said New Democrats.  

2012 11 26
NDP supports YWCA Canada’s Rose Campaign

In order to eliminate all forms of violence against women, New Democrat MP Marie-Claude Morin (Saint-Hyacinthe—Bagot) offered the NDP’s full support to YWCA Canada’s Rose Campaign.

2012 11 23
New Democrats call on Conservatives to address Canadian housing crisis
Boutin-Sweet in Halifax to attend housing and homelessness conference and hold town hall

The Canadian government has the moral obligation to invest in affordable housing in its next budget, said NDP Housing critic Marjolaine Boutin-Sweet at the Annual Housing and Homelessness Conference in Halifax.

2012 11 22
NDP and local activists celebrate victory
Application for destructive mega quarry withdrawn

After months of working with local residents to oppose a massive quarry project that would have destroyed prime farmland and put the drinking water of nearly a million Canadians at risk, NDP MPs are pleased that this quarry application has been withdrawn. 

2012 11 22
Education cutbacks in Manawan amplify existing problems
Elementary school in disrepair and high school drop-out rate at almost 50%

Having witnessed in the field the appalling condition of the elementary school in the community of Manawan, two New Democrat MPs are urging the Conservative government to cancel the $430,000 cut to education for First Nations children.

2012 11 21
Conservatives still failing on elimination of child poverty
According to Campaign 2000 report one in seven Canadian children still lives in poverty

With zero progress on the government’s 23-year old pledge to eradicate child poverty the NDP is urging the Conservatives to put aside reckless ideology and adopt Campaign 2000’s recommendations.

2012 11 20
New Democrats reiterate call for truth, justice and reconciliation in Sri Lanka

The final report released by the Internal Review Panel set up to study the United Nation’s responses during the final days of the Sri Lankan civil war highlights the need for greater accountability, say New Democrats.

2012 11 19
NDP urges Canada Post to make equity payments to their employees
After 29 years of proceedings, workers have waited long enough

OTTAWA – New Democrat MPs sent an open letter to Canada Post today urging the corporation to respect the Supreme Court order issued a year ago requiring it to make equity payments to thousands of employees involved in the longest battle of its kind in Canada.

2012 11 16
Godin stands against the loss of environmental protection in the region
Conservatives shamefully abandoning protection of navigable waters

PABINEAU FALLS – With its monster budget bill, the Conservative government is abandoning the protection of Canada’s navigable waters, said New Democrat MP Yvon Godin (Acadie-Bathurst).

2012 11 16
Conservative mismanagement leads to delays and wasteful spending

 A Conservative decision to recklessly cut 19 Citizenship and Immigration offices and throw one third of the workers in the central call centre out of work has resulted in  reduced service and higher government costs.

2012 11 16
NDP pushes Conservatives to provide stable and adequate funding to CBC/Radio-Canada

With the CBC/Radio-Canada licence up for renewal at the CRTC next week, NDP Heritage Critic Pierre Nantel (Longueuil – Pierre-Boucher) is urging the Conservatives to live up to their commitment to provide stable and adequate funding to our public broadcaster.

2012 11 13
Fixing crumbling infrastructure would create jobs and grow the economy

Canada’s mounting infrastructure crisis of crumbling bridges, potholes and traffic gridlock is costing more than $10 billion in lost productivity every year. NDP Transport and Infrastructure critic Olivia Chow was in Toronto today calling on the Conservatives to take action and ensure accountable, transparent and non-partisan infrastructure funding.

2012 11 13
Conservatives ignore slowing growth and economic warning signs
Flaherty delivers Economic Update when House isn't sitting to avoid accountability for bad news

Despite missing their own deficit targets, mounting reports of slowing growth and double digit unemployment in many regions, Conservatives are ignoring economic warning signs and charging ahead with their cuts agenda.

2012 11 09
Industry action on cellphone theft needed much sooner

OTTAWA – Today’s announcement by the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) on a plan to help law enforcement agencies combat cellphone theft by September 2013 was welcomed by York South-Weston MP Mike Sullivan, who has been leading the fight on cellphone theft in Parliament.

2012 11 08
NDP brings fight for lakes and rivers to ridings

Back to work in their ridings next week, New Democrat MPs will be continuing the fight to protect Canada’s lakes and rivers. Since it was introduced, Official Opposition MPs have been standing up in the House of Commons fighting against the Conservatives’ monster omnibus budget bill and the ways it will hurt our waterways.

2012 11 08
Conservatives reject and bury proposals to improve government spending oversight

OTTAWA – Official Opposition Critic for Public Works and Government Services Linda Duncan (Edmonton–Strathcona) denounced the Conservative government’s refusal to concur in the report tabled by the Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates.

2012 11 07
‘Pay-to-Pay’ fees on monthly bills hurt Canadians

Canada’s New Democrats launched a campaign Wednesday to eliminate extra charges for receiving a monthly bill in the mail. Over the last year many telephone, internet, TV and other companies have introduced new monthly charges on customers who continue to receive a paper copy of their bill in the mail.

2012 11 06
NDP MP urges Conservatives to recognize reality of Canadian artists
His private member’s bill would allow artists to average their income, echoing the practice in Quebec and in many foreign countries

On the eve of the vote on his private member’s bill, C-427, aimed at supporting hard-working artists by allowing them to average their income in spiked earning years and obtain a tax exemption on a certain portion of their income, Tyrone Benskin, (Jeanne-Le Ber) urges the Conservatives to support his tax amendment bill.

2012 11 05
New Democrats introduce sodium reduction strategy
Bill would help Canadians make healthier choices

NDP MP Libby Davies (Vancouver East) introduced legislation in the House of Commons today, An Act Respecting the Implementation of the Sodium Reduction Strategy for Canada, which will involve several measures to help Canadians make healthy choices and eat a diet low in sodium.

2012 11 02
NDP calls on Conservatives to support pan-Canadian housing strategy

To adequately address Canada’s many housing needs, the Conservative government must immediately implement the NDP’s pan-Canadian housing strategy.  

2012 11 02
National Research Council latest victim of Conservative science cuts

As part of their ongoing attack on science and research, the Conservatives are throwing close to a hundred of Canada’s best researchers out of work.

2012 11 02
Prevention is lacking in ad hoc committee on bullying

NDP MP Dany Morin (Chicoutimi – Le Fjord) welcomes the creation of an anti-cyberbullying working group and is calling on the Conservatives to take concrete action to support his motion for a national bullying prevention strategy.

2012 11 01
Immigration policy should build a stronger Canada, not exploit the vulnerable

NDP Immigration critic Jinny Sims (Newton – North Delta) is urging the Conservative government to invest in Canadian workers and reunite families instead of undermining the Canadian job market by exploiting Temporary Foreign Workers.

2012 11 01
Laverdière to join Grandmothers’ rally on Parliament Hill
Grandmothers show support for Bill C-398 to make medications more affordable for developing countries

Today, NDP MP Hélène Laverdière (Laurier – Ste-Marie) joined MPs and Senators from all parties at the National Hilltop Campaign rally on Parliament Hill in support of Bill C-398.

2012 11 01
New De-mo-crats kick off Movember in style
NDP MP Matthew Dubé shaves off Peter Stoffer’s iconic moustache in the House of Commons foyer

OTTAWA — New Democrat MP Matthew Dubé launched the NDP Movember campaign this afternoon by shaving his colleague Peter Stoffer’s moustache in the House of Commons foyer.

2012 11 01
Canada must show leadership in Syria’s humanitarian crisis

New Democrats introduced a motion today at the Foreign Affairs committee calling on the government to play a more active role in diplomatic efforts to end the humanitarian crisis in Syria.