2012 09 28
New Democrats call out Conservative inaction on digital and privacy file
Borg to Conservatives: You’re falling asleep at the digital switch

Following the release of a study by the Privacy Commissioner revealing data leakages by six of Canada’s most popular websites, New Democrat Digital Affairs Critic Charmaine Borg (Terrebonne-Blainville) is calling on the Conservative government to catch up with new digital realities.

2012 09 27
Experimental Lakes Area: NDP urges Conservatives to reverse decision
Nearly 20,000 Canadians signed petitions to save the area

Supported by thousands of Canadians, New Democrats once again urged the Conservatives to reverse cuts to the Experimental Lakes Area.

2012 09 27
NDP calls for more action on industrial restructuring plan for asbestos region

As the first hour of debate in the House on motion M-381 approaches, New Democrat MP François Lapointe (Montmagny-L’Islet-Kamouraska-Rivière-du-Loup) called for an industrial restructuring plan for the economies of regions that still depend on asbestos mining.

2012 09 27
NDP launches consultations on future of public health care system
New Democrats to engage Canadians in a discussion on how to make our healthcare system sustainable for generations to come

Fifty years ago, the party of Tommy Douglas brought Medicare to Canada. Today, the New Democrats remain committed to showing the same leadership and ensuring the sustainability of Canada’s healthcare system. That is why the NDP is organizing public consultations on the future of free, universal healthcare in our country.

2012 09 27
EI changes need to be studied: NDP

As Canadians across the country are confronted with new Employment Insurance rules, New Democrats are calling for the Human Resources Committee to study the issue, in order to ensure that the new rules work for Canadians.

2012 09 26
Mathieu Ravignat calls for revision of Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act

New Democrat MP and Treasury Board critic Mathieu Ravignat (Pontiac) is calling for a quick review of the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act.

2012 09 26
NDP highlights environmental concerns with proposed Oshawa ethanol plant
Letter from Leslie outlines dangerous environmental precedent set by C-38

The gutting of Canadian Environmental Assessment Act through the Conservative budget bill, Bill C-38, has already had tangible negative consequences on sensitive ecological areas.

2012 09 25
NDP defends women’s right to choose
The party urges all parliamentarians to reject Conservative motion to reopen abortion debate

In advance of this Wednesday’s vote on the Conservative motion to reopen the abortion debate, New Democrats reiterated their commitment to protect women’s right to choose, as well as their right to accessible and safe abortion services.

2012 09 21
Polar ice cap melting while Conservatives look the other way
Environment minister has moral obligation to immediately address the problem

In the face of the dramatic melting of the polar ice cap, New Democrats are calling on the federal government to stop denying evidence and take action to address the dramatic melting of Arctic ice.

2012 09 21
NDP welcomes commitment to protect owner operator / fleet separation

New Democrats welcome the government’s decision to preserve the current owner operator policies for the East Coast.

2012 09 19
Conservative’s reckless cuts to BRM programs hurt Canadian farmers

Recently announced cuts to the Business Risk Management (BRM) programs will take millions of dollars out of the pockets of Canadian farmers. New Democrats are calling on the Conservatives to reverse these drastic measures in order to ensure that farmers have the backstop they need when they encounter tough times. 

2012 09 19
The government needs to extend the deadline for residential school survivors’ applications
Estimates show that hundreds of survivors still haven’t filed their claim

New Democrats are calling on the Conservatives to give all residential school survivors the chance to tell their story. With the deadline looming, the NDP is asking Minister of Aboriginal Affairs to provide more time for those eligible to submit their applications to the Independent Assessment Process.

2012 09 19
NDP demands apology and refund for families affected by Child Tax Benefit error

Following the discovery that the Canada Revenue Agency mistakenly applied changes to the Child Tax Benefit six months too early, the NDP is calling on the Minister to formally apologise and ensure that the short-changed families are reimbursed.    

2012 09 19
Conservative inaction and incompetence put Canadian economy in danger
NDP Leader Tom Mulcair tables motion calling for concrete action on the economy

In a speech to his caucus today, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair said New Democrats will continue holding the Conservatives to account for their inaction and incompetence when it comes to the economy.

2012 09 18
National transit strategy vote: future of Canada’s public transit at stake
NDP Bill supported by mayors, city councils across the country

No longer willing to put up with traffic gridlock and inadequate public transit, more and more mayors, city councils and groups across Canada are calling for a National Transit Strategy.

2012 09 17
Conservatives bury Co-op committee report
Harper government’s apathy towards Canada’s Co-ops disappointing: NDP

On Monday, the Conservative Government quietly tabled the final report on this summer’s committee hearing into Co-operatives – a  fitting end, given the apathy the Harper government has shown towards this vital economic sector.

2012 09 14
NDP welcomes Competition Bureau decision
Cell phone companies must be accountable for false advertising

OTTAWA – The NDP congratulated the Competition Bureau today for its decision to prosecute Canada’s three telecommunications giants for allegedly misleading advertisements about free text messaging services.

2012 09 14
Tom Mulcair sworn to the Privy Council

Tom Mulcair, Leader of the Official Opposition and the New Democratic Party of Canada, was sworn in as a member of the Privy Council of Canada at an event at Rideau Hall today.

2012 09 13
Conservatives cut more services to Canadians

OTTAWA – The latest round of Conservative service cuts could have dire consequences for Canadians, New Democrats warned today.

2012 09 12
Langridge inquiry: Peter MacKay must hand over information and apologize

St. JOHN’S – NDP Defence Critic Jack Harris called again for the Government of Canada to hand over information to the Military Police Complaints Commission as part of their inquiry into the death of Corporal Stuart Langridge.

2012 09 12
Conservative inaction threatening Canadian economy
Canada runs largest trade deficit in history

OTTAWA – Canada's growing trade deficit is ringing alarm bells, says Official Opposition Trade Critic Don Davies.

2012 09 11
NDP calls for increased federal infrastructure funding
Aging infrastructure puts road safety and drinking water at risk

Today’s release of the first Canadian Infrastructure Report Card by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) shows that overburdened cities need the federal government to commit to adequate infrastructure funding to tackle deteriorating municipal roads and water systems. 

2012 09 10
NDP welcomes court decision to protect gun registry data

New Democrats welcome today’s decision by the Quebec Superior Court preventing the Conservative government from destroying gun data records.

2012 09 07
CRTC warns Conservatives: Stop harassing Canadians

The CRTC delivered a rebuke to the Conservative Party yesterday for its questionable fundraising practices. The latest Conservative violation of the rules is shining a spotlight on their record of dirty tricks when it comes to fundraising tactics.

2012 09 07
Allow conscientious objectors to stay in Canada

New Democrats are calling on the government to respect parliament’s commitment to allow conscientious objectors to the U.S. war in Iraq to remain in Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

2012 09 07
Harper appoints 51st unelected senator
More broken promises on accountability from a tired and scandal ridden government

Just after his plane took off for a trip to Russia, Stephen Harper quietly appointed five more unelected and unaccountable friends to the Senate. Despite failing to pass any Senate reforms, he has pushed Conservative appointments to the upper chamber to over fifty.

2012 09 07
Allow conscientious objectors to stay in Canada

SURREY – New Democrats are calling on the government to respect parliament’s commitment to allow conscientious objectors to the U.S. war in Iraq to remain in Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. 

2012 09 05
Conservatives again fail to deliver on pollution reduction
Disappointing new coal power regulations insufficient to meet emission reduction targets

ST. JOHN’S – Long overdue emissions regulations for the coal-fired electricity sector announced today fall far short of what Conservatives originally promised and are a huge disappointment for Canadians, according to the NDP.