2012 07 30
Insider Trading Charges Show Risk of CNOOC Deal

On Friday, the United States’ Security and Exchange Commission filed a complaint in court against Hong Kong based investors for insider trading. Zhang Zhi Rong – one of the wealthiest men in China – along other investors are alleged to have made $13-million through inside knowledge of the proposed buyout of Canadian company Nexen by the state owned China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC).

2012 07 27
Statement from Foreign Affairs critic Paul Dewar and International Human Rights critic Wayne Marston on the repatriation of Omar Khadr

Today, the Secretary General’s Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict, has again called on Canada and the US to transfer Mr. Khadr to Canada, as was agreed in October 2010. Mr. Khadr has spent a decade at Guantanamo Bay and is the last child soldier still being held there.

2012 07 27
New Democrats ask for public review of Nexen takeover
NDP asks for hearings on China National Offshore Oil Corp purchase

OTTAWA – New Democrat MPs Peter Julian and Hélène LeBlanc have written to the Chairs of the Standing Committee on Natural Resources and the Standing Committee on Industry asking them to convene hearings into the purchase of Canadian company Nexen Inc, Canada’s 12th largest oil company, by the China National Offshore Oil Corporation in a $15.1 billion cash deal.

2012 07 27
NDP asks PM to investigate possible breach of ethical guidelines
NDP MP Andrew Cash asks for review of Conservative MP’s questionable fundraising activities

TORONTO – New Democrat MP Andrew Cash has written to the Prime Minister asking his office to investigate whether the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage may have breached ethical guidelines set out for Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries.

2012 07 27
Statement from NDP Ethics critic Charlie Angus on fraud charges for Bruce Carson

I want to thank the Royal Canadian Mounted Police A Division for their diligent work in investigating the activities of Bruce Carson, formerly a special advisor to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

2012 07 27
All in the family – Penashue style

The Minister for Intergovernmental Affairs’ election campaign, with the assistance of his millionaire brother-in-law, seemed to find some creative new ways to ensure it was run super efficiently. 

2012 07 26
Harper must listen to premiers on future of health care
Conservatives should honour their Health Accord commitments

HALIFAX  -  New Democrats are calling on Stephen Harper to work with Canada’s first ministers on initiatives to improve and sustain our public health care system.

2012 07 26
Conservative cuts clobber co-ops
Parliamentary committee hears community concerns about Conservative attacks on Co-ops

OTTAWA – During special committee meetings held in Ottawa this week, New Democrats are taking a stand in support of cooperatives. MPs have heard troubling testimony about the impact Conservative cuts will have on co-ops, a sector which contributes to our economy and to local communities.

2012 07 25
Congratulations, now here’s your pink slip

Longueuil, we have a problem.

2012 07 25
NDP to Conservatives: come clean on secret oil sands committee
Government must be accountable to the public about secret meetings with oil industry

OTTAWA – The Conservatives are again on the hot seat today for their close relationship with oil lobbyists after reports surfaced of secret meetings between government officials and oil industry lobbyists about how to promote the oil sands.

2012 07 25
Paul Calandra: I did nothing wrong (but please take your money back)

The Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage is now Canada’s leading basement fundraiser. Two separate subterranean fundraisers were held this year for Paul Calandra by business people trying to get approval from the CRTC to use Toronto’s 88.1 FM.

2012 07 24
Conservatives must support farmers during drought
Government inaction shows lack of leadership for farmers

OTTAWA– New Democrats drew attention today to the increasing difficulties rural communities are dealing with in the face of this summer’s ongoing drought. The drought is reaching crisis levels in many parts of Canada, leaving farmers anxious and looking for action from the Conservative government.

2012 07 23
NDP stands against the privatisation of Canada Post
Across Canada, numerous post offices are quietly being shut down

OTTAWA — Under the Conservative government, Canada Post offices are being closed across the country and services are being transferred to private postal outlets. New Democrats oppose this silent privatisation that will negatively impact services that citizens and businesses rely on.

2012 07 23
Nexen takeover must have thorough public review
NDP will ask the Industry and Natural Resources Committees to look at proposed deal

OTTAWA — New Democrats are raising concerns about the cash agreement to purchase the Canadian resource company Nexen by the China National Offshore Oil Corporation Ltd., a company wholly owned by the Chinese government.

2012 07 20
Health Minister backtracks again on trans fats

OTTAWA – New Democrat Health critic Libby Davies criticized the Minister of Health for moving backwards on trans fats and making it harder for families to keep this health hazard off their dinner tables. New Democrats were reacting to news that the Minister has decided to ignore the advice of her own experts at Health Canada and is refusing to take action.

2012 07 20
Statement from Foreign Affairs critic Paul Dewar and deputy critic Ève Péclet on the situation in Syria

New Democrats are concerned about the recent escalation of violence in Syria, in particular recent fighting in Damascus that is putting many civilians at risk and causing a refugee crisis in the region. This unfolding tragedy has already seen over 14,000 killed, most of them civilian bystanders and the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) reports that as many as 30,000 refugees have crossed into Lebanon in the past 48 hours alone. Around one million people have been forced to flee their homes since the conflict began.

2012 07 19
NDP challenges Conservatives to finally clean up patronage

OTTAWA – New Democrat Ethics critic Charlie Angus called on the Conservative government to work with the Official Opposition and finally clean up the appointments process once and for all. 

2012 07 18
Statement from Libby Davies on Health Accord National Day of Action

Today New Democrats stand with Canadians participating in the National Day of Action for a 2014 Health Accord. We join their call, urging the Conservative government to come back to the table and work together with the provinces and territories to renew the Health Accords in 2014.

2012 07 18
NDP stands against elimination of Local Programming Improvement Fund
Local news programs will be most affected

OTTAWA — The elimination of the Local Programming Improvement Fund (LPIF) will affect the quality, quantity and diversity of local news shows. According to the NDP, rural communities will be the ones most greatly affected by CRTC’s decision.

2012 07 18
Statement by New Democrat Leader Thomas Mulcair on the re-election of the Assembly of First Nations' National Chief

On behalf of Canada's Official Opposition, I offer my sincere congratulations to Shawn A-in-chut Atleo on his re-election as the head of the Assembly of First Nations. I look forward to continuing to work with National Chief Atleo.

2012 07 17
Statement by New Democrat Public Safety critic Randall Garrison on yesterday’s tragic Toronto shooting

We were all shaken by news of this senseless tragedy. On behalf of New Democrats, I would like to extend my condolences to the families of the victims, as well as all the people of Scarborough. Our thoughts are with the community today, as we mourn this tragic loss of life and hope for a swift recovery for those injured, especially the young infant.

2012 07 16
The Harper cabinet - Ethically challenged and loving it!

“We must clean up corruption and lift the veils of secrecy that allow it to flourish. We must do nothing less than replace the culture of entitlement with the culture of accountability.” - Stephen Harper, November 4, 2005

2012 07 16
Closures at Canada Revenue Agency: even less service for Canadians
Thousands of Canadians lose their only point of contact

BROSSARD — The Conservative’s planned closure of all Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) service counters will mean that thousands of Canadians will lose their only means of contact with the Agency,

2012 07 13
Conservatives refuse to recognize WWII veterans as Canadians

OTTAWA – New Democrats are calling on the Conservative government to recognize the children of Canadians who fought for our nation on the battlefields of the World Wars as citizens.

2012 07 13
Conservatives must strengthen Arctic aviation safety
NDP MPs call for additional safety equipment and inspectors to improve aviation safety

YELLOWKNIFE – Canada’s far-flung Arctic communities rely on air connections, but a lack of proper equipment and inspections is undermining aviation safety in northern parts of the country.

2012 07 12
Reckless Conservative cuts put our national parks at risk
Many Canadians experience our country’s beautiful natural spaces through our national parks

OTTAWA – Conservative budget cuts are threatening the future of our national parks and historic sites, according to New Democrat Environment Critic Megan Leslie and Deputy Critic Anne Minh-Thu Quach.

2012 07 12
NDP congratulates Olympic flag-bearer Simon Whitfield

OTTAWA — The NDP congratulated triathlete Simon Whitfield today for being chosen as Canada’s flag-bearer for the opening ceremonies at the London Olympics.

2012 07 10
New Democrats denounce Conservative attacks on science
MPs LeBlanc, Quach and Liu take part in The Death of Evidence rally organized by scientists

OTTAWA — NDP MPs Hélène LeBlanc (LaSalle‒Émard), Anne Minh Thu Quach (Beauharnois‒Salaberry) and Laurin Liu (Rivière-des-Mille-Îles) walked alongside federal scientists today condemning Conservative attacks against science. 

2012 07 09
Statement by NDP MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan on Black July

July is a time for Sri Lankans to reflect on the tragic anti-Tamil violence carried out in July 1983, known as Black July in our community.

2012 07 05
MP Don Davies attends arms trade treaty conference

NEW YORK – Today, the New Democrat Critic for International Trade, Don Davies (Vancouver Kingsway), is participating in the United Nations’ conference on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) in New York.

2012 07 04
Conservative patronage – The Toews Summer Edition

The sun is out and the Conservative Patronage machine is working overtime to stuff as many partisan operatives into as many positions as possible hoping they all stay off the public’s radar.

2012 07 04
Conservatives launch another attack on artists
Minister intervenes in copyright ruling at urging of big business

OTTAWA- The Conservative government’s decision to exempt electronic memory cards from the current private copying levy will deny Canadian artists millions of dollars in badly-needed revenue, according to New Democrats. The decision, made after lobbying from big tech companies, directly interferes with the independent Copyright Board, which was scheduled to review this case.

2012 07 03
One minister’s resignation is too little, too late

OTTAWA –Minister Bev Oda has resigned from the Conservative Cabinet after years of ethics scandals and wasteful spending. In response, New Democrats are pointing to the many questions left unanswered and asserting that this does nothing to restore accountability to Stephen Harper’s Cabinet.

2012 07 02
Seniors’ debt: Lysane Blanchette-Lamothe urges government to act before it’s too late

OTTAWA — Alarmed by the growing debt among seniors, Official Opposition Seniors Critic, Lysane Blanchette-Lamothe (Pierrefonds‒Dollard) urges the government to act before it’s too late, particularly by reversing their decision to raise the age of eligibility for Old Age Security by two years. 

2012 07 01
Statement by NDP Leader Tom Mulcair on Canada Day

As Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast celebrate our great country’s 145th birthday, let us also celebrate the values for which Canada has become known around the world. Values like diversity, tolerance, respect and social justice that have made Canada a unique place where people from all over the world can come together and feel at home.