2012 06 29
New refugee law less fair, less accountable

OTTAWA – With Canada Day just around the corner, the Harper Conservatives are celebrating with the Royal Assent of a new bill, which – alongside cuts to health care for refugees – hurt those seeking refuge in Canada from persecution, according to the NDP’s Citizenship and Immigration critic Jinny Sims.  

2012 06 29
Government must address tragedy of missing aboriginal women
Ashton calls on Conservatives to launch a national inquiry

WINNIPEG - The NDP critic for the Status of Women, Niki Ashton has called for a national inquiry into the disappearance and murder of Aboriginal women in Canada.  Ashton made the statement in the wake of the discovery of three murdered Aboriginal women in Winnipeg that are linked to one potential suspect.

2012 06 28
Protect Canadian freedom on the Internet
Trans-Pacific Partnership could curtail freedom on a global scale

OTTAWA - After attempting to undercut individual privacy and freedoms by ramming through their internet snooping bill (C-30), leaked documents now show that the Conservatives are trying to further curtail Canadian personal freedom on the internet as part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement.

2012 06 27
Cuts to Via Rail on the wrong track
Conservative cuts will reduce train service and hurt local communities

OTTAWA – The cuts announced today to VIA Rail will significantly reduce passenger rail service and undercut the economic stability of regional communities.

2012 06 26
New Democrats launch interactive anti-pipeline website
Radicals4ourCoast.ca calls out Conservative wedge politics

VANCOUVER—New Democrats have launched an interactive, satirical website to call out Conservative’s divisive tactics and raise awareness about the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline.

2012 06 26
Hughes calls for hope and solidarity after tragic mall collapse
MP says community needs to remain united as emergency crew continues efforts

Elliot Lake – While the town of Elliot Lake is still recovering from Saturday’s fatal roof-collapse at the Algo Mall, local MP Carol Hughes is encouraging everyone to stay united and positive as emergency crews continue their efforts.

2012 06 25
New Democrats kick off BC environment tour
MPs to attend Enbridge pipeline hearing and tour proposed oil tanker route

VANCOUVER — New Democrat MPs from British Columbia were joined by NDP Deputy Leader and Environment Critic Megan Leslie (Halifax) as they kicked off a tour of BC focussed on environmental issues.

2012 06 22
Stop diverting green money to oil companies

OTTAWA –The Harper Government’s funding of environmental projects is coming under more criticism today with new allegations that money from the ecoEnergy program is being diverted from funding green technologies to oil sands research and development.

2012 06 22
NDP slams elimination of important Statistics Canada survey

OTTAWA – New Democrat MP Hélène LeBlanc (LaSalle-Émard) slammed the Conservative government’s decision to eliminate Statistics Canada’s Survey of Labour Income Dynamics.

2012 06 22
Supply management is fair to farmers, good for economy

OTTAWA- Conservatives have put Canada’s supply management on the table in trade talks – and now we see some Liberals openly opposing our supply managed sectors, according to NDP International Trade Critic Don Davies.

2012 06 21
NDP offered strong opposition to Conservatives
Mulcair proud of New Democrat MPs’ performance

OTTAWA – The NDP proved to be an effective opposition, skilled at exposing Conservative scandals and mismanagement, said Official Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair today about the spring parliamentary session. 

2012 06 20
NDP demands customer protection for freight rail service

OTTAWA- Rail customers in Canada have suffered losses for years due to unreliable freight services – which also cost the economy hundreds of millions of dollars every year. In the face of Conservative inaction, the New Democrats are moving forward with the Rail Customer Protection Act to create a more balanced playing field for shippers across industries. 

2012 06 19
Pyrrhotite crisis: NDP and Proprio-Béton Coalition call on government assistance
Hundreds of citizens indicated their expectations from federal government on this issue

OTTAWA — Determined to move forward with the pyrrhotite crisis, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, New Democrat MPs for Mauricie Robert Aubin and Ruth Ellen Brosseau, and representatives from the Proprio-Béton Coalition called on the federal government today to assist victims.

2012 06 19
Anne Minh-Thu Quach will attend UN Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio + 20
She will speak for Canadians who oppose Conservative environmental policies

OTTAWA – MP and Deputy Environment Critic, Anne Minh-Thu Quach (Beauharnois—Salaberry) will represent the NDP at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio + 20, this week.  She will also speak for the vast majority of Canadians who oppose the Conservatives’ backwards environmental policies. 

2012 06 18
NDP condemn cuts to refugee health program
MPs, doctors and refugees across Canada call on Conservatives to reverse planned cuts

OTTAWA –New Democrats are calling on the Conservative government to listen to the growing chorus of  doctors, health experts and former refugees and condemn planned cuts the Interim Federal Health (IFH) Program for refugees

2012 06 18
Closure of world renowned research facility threatens water studies
One-of-a-kind nonmaterial study at Experimental Lakes Area in jeopardy

OTTAWA- The recent decision by the Harper government to terminate the famed Experimental Lakes Area (ELA) research facility is jeopardizing key scientific studies, such as the world’s only major study on nanosilvers, and it’s potential to alter the ecological balances of lakes.

2012 06 18
Seniors worse off under Harper government
Statistics Canada data shows seniors’ income lower, poverty higher, & middle class stagnate

OTTAWA – New data from Statistics Canada compiled from 2007 to 2010 shows that Stephen Harper’s economic policies are leaving Canadians seniors and families further behind.  The data not only shows that there are have no improvement in family incomes since the Conservatives formed government, what is shocking is that seniors’ incomes have actually declined, pushing more and more into poverty.

2012 06 18
Conservatives’ Bill C-11 to lower artist income
Conservatives ramming alarming copyright bill through the House of Commons tonight

OTTAWA – After moving closure last week on debate, Conservatives are poised to ram their copyright reform bill through the House today, meaning tens of millions of dollars of lost income for artists, according to the NDP.

2012 06 17
Garrison calls on Conservatives to keep promise to guarantee equal marriage rights

OTTAWA- Official Opposition Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Critic Randall Garrison (Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca) is calling on the Harper Government to follow through with earlier promises to ensure the validity of all same-sex marriages in Canada and to allow non-resident same-sex couples married in Canada to divorce in Canada. 

2012 06 12
New Democrats welcome the recognition of the power of investigation of the Official Languages Commissioner from CBC/Radio-Canada

OTTAWA – The NDP welcomes the recognition of the power of investigation of the Official Languages Commissioner from CBC/Radio-Canada in a judgment rendered by the Federal Court in the case of Official Languages Commissioner and Amellal c. CBC/Radio-Canada.

2012 06 11
NDP calls for improvements to Canada’s search and rescue system

OTTAWA – Today in the House of Commons, New Democrat M.P. Jack Harris (St. John’s East) called on the Conservative government to align Canada’s search and rescue (SAR) response times to international standards to ensure the safety of all Canadians. The final hour of debate on M-314, Harris’ Private Member’s motion, took place in the House of Commons today.

2012 06 11
Conservative government abandoning veterans
Minister claims case closed after veteran Fabien Melanson lost everything

OTTAWA — Shocked by the story of Fabien Melanson, a veteran who lost everything after financial problems due to an error by Veterans Affairs, Official Opposition Critic for Veterans Affairs, Peter Stoffer (Sackville–Eastern Shore) called on the Conservative government to “ensure that all veterans can live in dignity.”

2012 06 07
Marston calls on government to adopt recommendations from U.N. report on torture

OTTAWA –New Democrat Human Rights Critic, Wayne Marston, MP (Hamilton East – Stoney Creek) has tabled a motion before the International Human Rights Committee calling on the Conservatives toimplement the recommendations for Canada from the recent report by the United Nations Committee Against Torture.

2012 06 07
NDP secures study into Canada-Colombia human rights report

OTTAWA- The Standing Committee on International Trade has agreed to a New Democrat motion to study the sorely-lacking Human Rights Impact Assessment on the Free Trade Agreement between Canada and Colombia.  This report contains no information on human rights, contrary to stipulations in the legislation.

2012 06 07
Gender identity bill passes second reading
Government on path to enshrining rights of trans Canadians

OTTAWA- New Democrat LGBTT Critic Randall Garrison (Esquimalt—Juan de Fuca) is celebrating the second reading passage of his Private Member’s Bill, C-279, which would add gender identity to the Canadian Human Rights Act and Criminal Code.   The bill passed last night

2012 06 07
NDP calls on House of Commons to take action against bullying

OTTAWA – NDP Deputy Critic for LGBT Issues, Dany Morin (Chicoutimi–Le Fjord), tabled a motion in the House of Commons seeking to end the serious problem of bullying.  Morin hopes to establish the basis for a national anti-bullying strategy.

2012 06 06
Local maritime rescue facilities must remain open
NDP calls on government to reverse decision on cuts and closures

OTTAWA – New Democrat National Defence Critic, Jack Harris (St. John’s East) is urging the Conservative government to reverse its decision to close the St. John’s and Quebec search and rescue co-ordination centres and the Kitsilano Coast Guard station in Vancouver. These closures could lead to serious consequences and put lives at risk, says the NDP.

2012 06 05
New Democrats release report on C-38 public hearings
Report includes overwhelming opposition from Canadians, New Democrats taking next step

OTTAWA – After numerous public consultations, New Democrats are tabling a final report that highlights concerned Canadians speaking out against the Conservative Trojan Horse budget. 

2012 06 05
NDP wants to better regulate telecommunications tower development
Development of antenna systems follows no specific rules

OTTAWA – The New Democratic Party tabled a bill in the House of Commons to better regulate the development of telecommunications antennas across the country. Currently, the development of antenna systems follows no specific rules, which penalizes Canadians whose concerns are largely ignored.

2012 06 05
Conservatives must reverse decision on experimental lakes
Research program an essential tool for protection of our fish and water

OTTAWA – The NDP is urging the Conservative government to reverse its decision to abolish the Experimental Lakes Program at the Freshwater Institute, a vital program for the maintenance of our freshwater ecosystems and healthy fisheries.

2012 06 04
NDP joins “Black Out, Speak Out” campaign against C-38
Joins environmental organizations with concerns about Trojan Horse bill

OTTAWA – Today, the NDP joined the campaign Black Out, Speak Out to protest against Conservative bill C-38 which weakens our most crucial legislation on environmental protection.