2012 04 29
Gutting of the fisheries act show contempt for coastal communities

OTTAWA –The Conservative government push for major changes to the Fisheries Act by burying it in its Budget Implementation Act.

2012 04 28
Statement by NDP Leader Tom Mulcair on National Day of Mourning

On this National Day of Mourning, New Democrats pay tribute to workers killed or injured at work.

2012 04 27
Changes to temporary foreign worker program lack due diligence
TFWP changes put Canadian jobs at risk, drive down wages

OTTAWA – Conservative changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) could allow employers to hire TFWs without properly ensuring that Canadian workers aren’t available while over one million Canadians are out of work, according to the NDP.  These changes jeopardize worker’s rights in Canada and have serious repercussions on the Canadian economy. 

2012 04 27
New Democrats demand a national transit strategy
Canadians deserve rapid, affordable transit, not Conservative inaction

TORONTO – Following the Conservative budget that provides no leadership on transit, today the NDP reiterated their call for a National Public Transit Strategy. NDP Transport Critic Olivia Chow emphasized that across the country, Canadians are fed up with congestion and long commute times. A Twitter campaign is tapping into the frustration transit commuters and to call for federal action.

2012 04 26
Conservative environmental plan on the wrong track
Conservatives must protect the environment instead of facilitating oil projects

OTTAWA – New Democrats today expressed outrage over the details of the reckless Conservative plan to gut environmental protection laws in Canada—included in the Budget Implementation Act—and warned that the Conservative plan is even more severe than the government let on.

2012 04 26
Stephen Harper must keep promise on abortion
Prime Minister must stop his members from re-opening closed debate

OTTAWA – The NDP Women’s Caucus is condemning the underhanded way in which Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are trying to reopen the abortion debate.

2012 04 26
Aboriginal justice strategy deserves support not silence

OTTAWA – New Democrats are calling on the Minister of Justice to commit to funding the Aboriginal Justice Strategy (AJS) to ensure that the vital work they do to combat crime in First Nations communities continues.

2012 04 26
Raising age of eligibility for OAS will have serious consequences on seniors
New NDP report shows that more seniors will fall into poverty

OTTAWA – A new report by the NDP shows that raising the age of eligibility for Old Age Security and Guaranteed Income Supplement from 65-67 will lead more seniors into poverty.

2012 04 25
Linda Duncan reacts to PBO report on budget and expenditure reporting to parliament
Recommends implementation of longstanding recommendations to improve transparency and accountability

OTTAWA – Linda Duncan, Member of Parliament for Edmonton – Strathcona and New Democrat Critic for Public Works and Government Services reacted to today’s release of the Parliamentary Budget Officer’s Report on Budget and Expenditure Reporting to Parliament.

2012 04 25
Statement by Paul Dewar on the situation in Ukraine

New Democrats are deeply concerned with the situation in Ukraine. The politically-motivated persecution and arrest of Ukrainian opposition members, including former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has undermined confidence in Ukraine’s movement toward democracy.

2012 04 25
Statement by NDP MP Hélène Laverdière on World Malaria Day

On the occasion of World Malaria Day 2012, I am reminded of the desperate need for life-saving generic medicines to fight this disease. While the last few years have seen declining mortality rates from malaria thanks to malaria control interventions, these gains are fragile and many challenges remain. We must continue to invest in malaria control. One of the ways to do this is by ensuring broad access to life-saving medicines. Malaria treatment and prevention saves more lives than any other health interventions in sub-Saharan Africa, with the exception of childhood immunization.

2012 04 25
Conservatives must reverse decision to cut oas
NDP calls on House once again to reject changes announced in budget

OTTAWA – New Democrat Pensions Critic Irene Mathyssen tabled a motion in the House of Commons today condemning the Conservatives’ plan to raise the age of eligibility for Old Age Security and Guaranteed Income Supplement from 65 to 67.

2012 04 24
Don’t make First Nations kids wait any longer
Government should not appeal child welfare ruling, says Crowder

OTTAWA – New Democrat Aboriginal Affairs Critic Jean Crowder is calling on the Conservative government to announce immediately that it will not appeal the recent decision to order a new hearing into discrimination against First Nations children.

2012 04 24
New Democrats defend fisheries habitat protection

OTTAWA –New Democrats are calling out the Conservative government for proposing changes to the Fisheries Act that could seriously weaken environmental oversights in the context of major development projects, such as those involving oil and gas.

2012 04 24
NDP targets tax evasion
Finance committee adopts NDP proposal to study tax evasion and use of tax havens

OTTAWA — A New Democrat motion seeking concrete measures to fight tax evasion and the use of tax havens was adopted today by the finance committee. 

2012 04 24
NDP targets tax evasion
Finance committee adopts NDP proposal to study tax evasion and use of tax havens

OTTAWA — A New Democrat motion seeking concrete measures to fight tax evasion and the use of tax havens was adopted today by the finance committee.

2012 04 24
New Democrats defend fisheries habitat protection

OTTAWA –New Democrats are calling out the Conservative government for proposing changes to the Fisheries Act that could seriously weaken environmental oversights in the context of major development projects, such as those involving oil and gas.

2012 04 23
Reality check: A Long History of Living the High Life

International Development Minister Bev Oda has set a new high water mark for government excess and abuse of the taxpayers’ credit card ... again.

2012 04 22
Conservative commitment to open government nothing but fluff
73 countries, including Canada, are meeting in Brazil about promoting Open Government

OTTAWA — The Conservative government’s stated commitments, as part of the Open Government Partnership (OGP), are nothing but fluff according to New Democrat MPs Charlie Angus (Timmins–Baie James) and Alexandre Boulerice (Rosemont–La Petite Patrie).

2012 04 22
Statement by NDP Leader Tom Mulcair on Earth Day

The popularity of Earth Day activities reminds us of just how determined Canadians are to fight climate change and build a sustainable future.

2012 04 20
NDP launches Rainbow Day on the Hill
First shadow program between LGBT students and MPs

OTTAWA – Today, the New Democrat Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Caucus announced the launch of Rainbow Day a LGBT shadow program which will take place this May 1st.

2012 04 19
Reality check: “Dude, you are not from Elections Canada.”

Looks like Dean Del Mastro is going to need some new mindboggling talking points, now. After months of denying any involvement in misdirecting voters, a new affidavit is shedding new light on alleged voter suppression activities from the last election.

2012 04 18
Statement from Official Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair on Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day

Every year, we take a moment to remember and reflect on an inhuman genocide carried out by human beings.

2012 04 17
NDP reaffirms support for local broadcasting

MONTREAL – Canadians have the right to quality local broadcasting, which is why the NDP is strongly advocating to protect the popular Local Programming Improvement Fund (LPIF), as the CRTC begins pivotal hearings into the program's future.

2012 04 17
Statement by NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair on the 30th Anniversary of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

It has been three decades since Canada chose to codify and protect our fundamental rights as citizens in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

2012 04 17
Gutting environmental protection will have serious consequences: Leslie

HALIFAX – Today, New Democrats blasted the Conservatives’ plan to gut environmental protection. This plan jeopardizes not only the environment, but also the health and prosperity of Canadians.

2012 04 17
Electoral Fraud Cover-up: Conservatives have their Rose Mary Woods moment

In 1973, Rose Mary Woods famously erased portions of Richard Nixon’s Oval Office tapes, including a crucial conversation concerning the Watergate burglary, which was deleted forever.

2012 04 16
Conservative cuts to co-operatives misguided
Co-op cuts will hit rural, unemployed Canadians hardest

OTTAWA – The Conservatives have struck a blow to the co-operative movement by ruthlessly eliminating the greatly successful Co-operative Development Initiative and massively scaling back the Rural and Co-operatives Secretariat, hurting Canadians that are unemployed and living in rural areas.

2012 04 16
Apology on Behalf of Patrick Martin and the NDP to Mr. Matt Meier and RackNine Inc.

On February 23, 2012, I appeared before the national media to speak in response to the important issue of “Robocalls” in the 2011 general election.  At that time I expressed my personal outrage along with the outrage of the caucus of the official opposition upon learning about the serious allegations of electoral fraud.

2012 04 16
All levels of government must work together to reduce concussions
National Concussion Strategy should be discussed at today’s Federal-Provincial/Territorial Sports Ministers’ Conference

SUDBURY— New Democrat Sports Critic Glenn Thibeault (Sudbury) is calling on the Minister for Sport to make concussion reduction the central agenda item at the Federal -Provincial/Territorial Sports Ministers’ Conference, which is taking place today in Inuvik. 

2012 04 13
Statement by NDP leader Thomas Mulcair on Vaisakhi

Vahiguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Vahiguru Ji Ki Fateh!

2012 04 13
Conservatives have no plan for Northern Ontario
Cuts show disregard for the north say New Democrats

SUDBURY – New Democrat MPs are accusing the Conservatives of mismanaging Northern Ontario’s economy. The recent budget cuts, including $5 million to FedNor grants and contributions, show that the Harper government has no plan for growth and development in the north. The arbitrary cuts across the region, including in the Conservative-held ridings of North Bay and Sault Ste. Marie, will mean significant job losses and reduced services.

2012 04 12
New Democrats slam reckless environmental cuts
Hundreds of scientists in charge of environmental monitoring to lose their jobs

OTTAWA – The NDP is condemning the layoff of hundreds of federal scientists in charge of environmental monitoring, as part of the 1,500 government professionals who will receive notice this week that their positions will be affected by Conservative budget cuts. 

2012 04 12
Cuts to Veterans Affairs will harm services
Veterans and their families deserve respect

OTTAWA – Official Opposition Veterans Affairs Critic Peter Stoffer (Sackville-Eastern Shore) raised concerns today about the loss of 804 jobs from the Department of Veterans Affairs over the next three years. 

2012 04 12
Border cuts will make it easier to smuggle, slower to cross
Conservative cuts weaken public safety and ensure fewer processing staff at the borders

OTTAWA – NDP Trade Critic Brian Masse says Conservative budget cuts risk congesting borders while seriously weakening public safety. Over 1150 Canadian Border Services Agency Services staff were told their jobs are at risk this week, and New Democrats are raising serious concerns as to how the Conservatives plan to pick up the slack. 

2012 04 12
Conservative drug regime puts soldiers’ health at risk
Prescribing mefloquine to prevent malaria puts soldiers at risk of harmful side effects

OTTAWA – NDP Military Procurement Critic Christine Moore and National Defence Critic David Christopherson are urging the Conservative government to stop systematically giving Canadian soldiers a malaria medication— mefloquine—with serious and harmful side effects. 

2012 04 11
Border cuts mean more wait times, less public safety
Canadians will pay the price for reckless Conservative Border Services cuts

OTTAWA – NDP International Trade Critic Brian Masse (Windsor West) slammed the Conservatives for slashing services at the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) and putting Canadian business and public safety at risk.

2012 04 11
Cutting food inspectors puts Canadians’ health at risk
Less food inspection could mean another tainted food crisis, more serious illnesses or worse

OTTAWA – New Democrats are outraged that Conservatives are slashing another 100 food inspectors from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. These inspectors were hired as a result of the fatal listeriosis crisis in 2008 and have been providing a vital service to protect Canadians’ safety when they purchase food. 

2012 04 11
Programming and news severely affected by Conservative cuts to CBC

OTTAWA — NDP Heritage Critic Tyrone Benskin says it’s appalling that information and programming at CBC and Radio Canada are footing the bill for Conservative government cuts to the public broadcaster’s budget.

2012 04 10
Harper must be held accountable for procurement fiascos
Defence Minister misled Canadians about cost of new jets, mismanaged submarines

OTTAWA – Despite spending the weekend making up new excuses about his mishandling of fighter jet procurement, it’s clear that Defence Minister Peter MacKay was aware two years ago of the true cost of the new F-35s but chose to keep Canadians in the dark, according to the NDP’s Military Procurement critics.

2012 04 09
Statement on the 95th anniversary of Vimy Ridge

As we mark its 95th anniversary, we remember the sacrifice and valour of the Canadian Corps as they took control of Vimy Ridge and the thousands of soldiers who lost their lives in this historic battle.

2012 04 08
Statement by NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair on Easter

On this special day, I would like to extend my very best wishes to all of you who celebrate Easter.

2012 04 06
Statement by NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair on Passover

As Passover celebrations begin, allow me to share my warmest wishes with the Jewish community far and wide.

2012 04 05
Conservative mismanagement destroyed Rights & Democracy
Laverdière criticizes Minister Baird’s change of tune

OTTAWA - During Question Period Wednesday, NDP Foreign Affairs Critic Hélène Laverdière (Laurier–Ste-Marie) condemned the government’s actions towards the non-partisan Montreal organization Rights & Democracy. Minister John Baird announced on April 2 that the government will close the arms-length organization that was created by unanimous Act of Parliament in 1988.

2012 04 05
Federal government must keep gun registry data
Quebec injunction shows Conservatives’ insistence on destroying data is unreasonable

OTTAWA — The decision of the Superior Court of Quebec to order the federal government not to destroy the long-gun registry data is good news for the NDP, which is now calling on the Conservatives to put an end to this saga by giving this public data to those provinces that want it.

2012 04 05
A fairer Canada and a better world
Speech by Tom Mulcair to the Economic Club of Canada

I’m pleased to be here today to discuss the 2012 federal budget with a group that understands economic policy as well as any.

2012 04 04
Cuts at CBC/Radio-Canada come at a steep cost

OTTAWA – New Democrats are decrying the severe impact of the Harper government’s reckless cuts to our public broadcaster following CBC/Radio-Canada President Hubert Lacroix’s announcement of extensive layoffs, reduced production of new Canadian programming and significant delays in the deployment of new local services. 

2012 04 04
Staffing cuts to National Defence wrong-headed
Cuts will hurt local economies, layoff core staff and make soldiers pick up the slack

OTTAWA – Among the 19,000 public servants that will be given pink slips this week, about 1,100 will be key staff at the Department of National Defence, the NDP has learned. Cuts will be made across the country, but the worst cuts will be felt in the province of Quebec, with 361 jobs being lost, and particularly on bases like Valcartier and St-Jean. 

2012 04 03
AG slams Conservative mismanagement of F-35s
From aviation safety to F-35s, Conservative failures show a government struggling

OTTAWA — Today’s scathing report from the Auditor General paints a troubling picture of a government that is badly mismanaging the most basic duties of public administration, presenting misleading information about the costs of the F-35’s, and even putting Canadians’ safety at risk, according to New Democrats. 

2012 04 03
Demise of Katimavik reflects misguided priorities

OTTAWA - Canada's Official Opposition today slammed the Harper government's decision to completely defund Katimavik, a popular youth exchange program that has challenged Canadian youth to explore our country's diversity and achieve personal development through voluntary service since the 1970s.

2012 04 02
NDP slams government for its timid innovation strategy

OTTAWA – Last Thursday, the Conservative government presented Economic Action Plan 2012 – a budget that they claim will foster growth and narrow the long-standing innovation gap, but the NDP warns not to be convinced that it can deliver.

2012 04 02
Conservatives promise jobs, deliver cuts

After promising jobs and growth, the Harper Conservatives have delivered a budget that slashes the services Canadians rely on.

2012 04 02
Statement by New Democrat Foreign Affairs Critic Hélène Laverdière on historic elections in Myanmar

On behalf of the New Democratic Party, I would like to congratulate Nobel laureate and honorary Canadian citizen Aung San Suu Kyi on the National League for Democracy (NLD)’s historic by-election success, Sunday, in Myanmar.

2012 04 01
NDP calls on Conservatives to reverse cuts to artist income

OTTAWA – On the day Canada celebrates the nation's great musical talent at the Juno Awards NDP MPs Andrew Cash (Davenport) and Pierre Nantel (Longueuil-Pierre-Boucher) asked why the federal Conservatives are making Canadian musicians and labels $21 million poorer.