September 13th, 2016

“The NDP has been right about quite a lot lately.” Here’s what they’re saying about our team.

New Democrats are fighting for fairness—and delivering results.

Last year, millions of Canadians voted for the NDP to keep fighting for them—and that’s exactly what our team is doing.

That work is getting noticed. According to a recent column by the Sun’s Tom Parkin: “the NDP has been right about quite a lot recently … on assisted dying, marijuana and electoral reform, the NDP has been making sense.”

Here’s just some of what other political watchers are saying about the NDP’s work.

On equal pay for work of equal value:

An NDP motion demanding progress on pay equity survived a Conservative attempt to water down the proposal … The motion passed 224 votes to 91 with every party except the Conservatives in support.”

—James Munson, iPolitics (Feb. 3, 2016)

On fair voting:

“[The] government has finally managed to take its first step down the road to electoral reform. And that’s all (or, at least, partly) thanks to a well-timed push from the New Democrats.”

—Kady O’Malley, Ottawa Citizen (June 2, 2016)

On modernizing marijuana laws:

“The NDP’s right: Little logic in pursuing pot possession cases …it just doesn’t make sense to hang life-changing criminal records on thousands of Canadians for an activity that will be legal in a year or so.”

—David Akin, Toronto Sun (May 23, 2016)

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Unfortunately, the new government has doubled-down on some of the same failed policies of the past—like corporate tax cuts and unfair trade deals—as Conservatives have consistently pushed them in the wrong direction.

That’s why a strong NDP is more important than ever. Only New Democrats have been fighting for fairness, standing up for working families, and delivering results.

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