It’s time to fight back.

Stephen Harper has introduced not one but two 400-page omnibus bills under the guise of implementing his 2012 budget.

But here’s the truth: Bills C-38 and C-45 also implement dozens of farther-reaching measures that transform Canadian life for the worse, including:

  • gutting environmental protection laws;
  • cutting $36-billion from health care funding;
  • making you work two years longer to receive OAS;
  • making it even harder to qualify for EI benefits;
  • weakening Canadian food inspection;
  • reducing support for job-creating innovation; and
  • shrinking independent oversight of government.

These bills were too massive to be properly studied or debated. That’s by design. The Conservatives are purposefully ducking their democratic accountability to Canadians. This is simply unacceptable.

It’s time to stop these undemocratic monster bills—once and for all.

Can we count you in?

Please sign on:

“I call on the Harper government to halt its practice of forcing omnibus bills through Parliament to avoid its democratic accountability to Canadians.”

Tale of the Monster Budget Bill. Click here if you dare.