August 29th, 2016

Meet the former electrician, bar manager, and assembly line worker fighting to put working families first

Our NDP team understands the challenges you face—firsthand.

Making sure your voice is heard over hundreds of corporate lobbyists and Ottawa insiders is a job New Democrats take seriously.

Leading that effort is a group of ordinary Canadians who understand the challenges working families face—and answered the call to fight for them as NDP Members of Parliament.

Meet just a few of them right now:

"Daniel Blaikie worked as an electrician to help support his wife and two-year-old son. But when the Conservatives won his father’s old riding in 2011, Blaikie’s political DNA kicked in and he became his party’s candidate in the 2015 election." —Ian MacLeod, Ottawa Citizen

"The sometimes rough-and-tumble world of politics has been an education for the rookie MP who spent two decades working on a Ford assembly line [...] Ramsey’s favourite part of the job is the stuff that most Canadians don’t know as well: the day-to-day work in the constituency, helping people solve their problems with government." —Susan Delacourt, Toronto Star

"Brosseau is the NDP agriculture critic – her riding has dairy and chicken farms – and vice-chair of caucus. She is bilingual, and a sought-after speaker on political organization. [...] Hard work is something Ms. Brosseau knows. She was a teenager when her son, who is now 15, was born, and managing work, sometimes two jobs, and his busy life prepared her well for politics." —Jane Taber, Globe and Mail

​​​​ "Duvall’s drive to become a federal MP is rooted in the same issue that has driven him throughout his career: the steel industry. The son of a millwright at Stelco, Duvall is one of eight children. He went into the family business before becoming a local president with the United Steelworkers, and then into municipal and now federal politics." —Susan Delacourt, Toronto Star

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