September 19th, 2016

4 issues New Democrats will put front and centre this fall

Our team will propose concrete solutions and hold the government to account.

After a summer spent listening to Canadians, our NDP team is back in Ottawa this week. We’re ready to ensure the priorities of working families are heard—loud and clear.

Here are just some of the issues New Democrats will be tackling as parliament resumes:

Defending public health care: Canadians cherish the universal, public health care system that New Democrats created over five decades ago—and we’ll be fighting to defend it from privatization and cuts.

Protecting the environment: The Liberals have refused to take on the big polluters or set ambitious targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. That’s why our team will be pushing for real action—not more hot air from Ottawa.

“There is a lot of work to be done. We must propose concrete solutions to improve the lives of Canadians as well as ensure the Liberal government is held to account.”

—Tom Mulcair, NDP Leader

Making every vote count equally: We will hold the government to its promise of making 2015 the last election held under our unfair voting system. Town halls held by NDP MPs across the country confirmed that the time has come to adopt a system where every vote count. Promoting human rights and peace: New Democrats will be fighting to make sure “Canada is back” is more than just an empty slogan. That starts with keeping our promises to Indigenous children at home and stopping the sale of Canadian arms to human rights abusers abroad.

“Canadians want a strong NDP to keep the government true to their word, and that’s exactly what we’ll do.”

—Charlie Angus, NDP Caucus Chair

With a Conservative opposition and an army of corporate lobbyists pushing the Liberals in the wrong direction, working families are counting on a strong, effective NDP to stand up for them in Ottawa. That’s exactly what we’ll be doing.